City Squash
Enabling New York City youth to fulfill their academic,
athletic and personal potential.

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718-220-7639Email Mailing address
P.O. Box 619
Fordham Station
Bronx, NY 10458Office Address
602 East 187th Street
Suite 204 & 205
Bronx, NY 10458



Terence Li Executive Director

Alexandra Boillot Program Director – Bronx

Manny Vega Program Director – Brooklyn

Anna O’Keefe Director of College Access and Success – Bronx 

Charlie Merrill Director of Placement – Bronx

Grace Saliba Director of Placement – Brooklyn

Giustina Charbonneau Director of High School Academics and College Prep – Bronx  

Valeria Quan Program Associate – Bronx 

Jordyn Matthews  Director of Elementary School Academics – Bronx

Craig Alder Director of Academics – Brooklyn

Colin Murfree Academic Chair & Director of Middle School Academics – Bronx

Bryan Patterson Director of Squash – Bronx

Cory Litman Associate Director of Squash – Bronx

Anne Tierney Director of Operations – Bronx