City Squash
Enabling New York City youth to fulfill their academic,
athletic and personal potential.

Middle School

CitySquash’s Middle School Program serves 45 sixth, seventh and eighth graders from CitySquash’s partner school, M.S. 45. Each week during the school year, middle school team members attend up to two weekday afternoon practices (including one hour plus of academic tutoring and one hour plus of squash instruction), one weekday Book Club (two for seventh graders) and one weekend activity: a team squash match, squash practice, cultural outing, community service project or weekend squash tournament. Middle schoolers are also invited to attend optional morning squash practices before school. Students must be in good standing academically to participate in squash practices; those with averages below 80% are required to participate in an extra afternoon tutoring session once a week. In the summer, nearly every team member is enrolled in an academic course and squash camp, usually for at least several weeks.