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8th Annual Urban Individual Nationals

On Friday June 18th, 50 CitySquashers and seven staff members piled into vans and made the three hour trek to Williams College for the 8th Annual Urban Individual Nationals.  For our team members, Urban Individuals is one of the most important competitions of the year.  The weekend went great for CitySquash.  Our team members made up 17 of the event’s 32 semifinalists and for the second year in a row they captured seven of the eight titles.
6th grader Mellba Hassani won the Girls Under 13 division in a four game final.  After sneaking past teammate Gabriel Garcia in five games in the semis, 6th grader Jeremy Carrasquillo won the Boys under 13 division final 3-2.  8th grader Andreina Benedith cruised to victory in the GU15 division winning the final in three straight games.  9th grader Kingsley Amoako earned his second urban title by beating teammate Michael Kelly 3-0 in the BU15 final.  In the BU17 final, 9th grader Darrius Campbell battled back from an 0-2 deficit to win the title 3-2.  12th grader Freddy Hernandez collected his fourth urban title when he defeated teammate Seetreeon Torres 3-1 in the BU19 final.  As impressive as always, Jesse Pacheco captured her sixth straight urban title defeating her opponent in three games in the final of the GU19 draw.