City Squash
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A Great Summer At CitySquash

CitySquashers were kept very busy this summer. Nearly all of our 100 elementary, middle and high school students were enrolled in one or more of the programs that we offer between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Our elementary and middle school students attended a five-week academic and squash camp at Fordham, and we ran a six-week college prep and squash program in the Bronx for our high schoolers. Andrew Cadienhead and Billy Fleurima won scholarships to play tournaments in the Netherlands and Germany, and Andreina Benedith traveled to England for squash camp. The Ingrassia family and the Canterbury School jointly hosted nine students in rural Connecticut for a four-day squash and farm camp. Twenty-nine students went to squash or academic camps at the likes of Dartmouth, Amherst, Pomfret, Westover and Rye Country Day, and twenty-seven CitySquashers did overnights at Camp Herrlich, Camp Timber Tops or Lake Owego. Dozens of students played tournaments in places like Rye Brook, Southampton and Williamstown, MA. Last but not least, Angel Maldonado and Felipe Pantle joined our Director of Squash Bryan Patterson and three Fordham University students on a 35-day, 3,000 mile bike ride across the country. And those are just the highlights. It has been a memorable summer, and we thank all of our friends who helped make it possible!