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Awards and Diplomas for CitySquash High School Graduates

Over the last month, six of Citysquash’s eight high school seniors graduated from their respective high schools with the remaining two seniors set to graduate at the end of this month. Family members, staff and supporters have been in attendance to see these great students accept their diplomas and complete their high school careers. What is even more impressive is the recognition that these students received or will receive upon graduation. In total, the CitySquash high school Class of 2011 won eight awards including two Athlete of the Year Awards and one Valedictorian. Two CitySquash underclassmen were also honored with prestigious awards at the end of the school year. A list of high schools, college matriculation plans and awards can be found below. Congratulations to the Class of 2011 and all of our students on a very successful school year!

Underclassman Awards:
Andreina Benedith (Brooks School) – Malcom G. Chase III Prize, given by the Headmaster for personal progress during the school year.
Manuela Perez (Blair Academy) – Phillips-James-Rosen Prize, for devotion to the school and uncommon leadership among the junior class.
Senior Graduations and Awards:
Chris Fernandez (Canterbury School, St. Lawrence University) – Male Athlete of the Year
Alija Hogans (Avon Old Farms School, St. Lawrence University) – The Poetry Award
Myriam Kelly (Westover School, Bates College) – Tin Mug Squash Award, Carol Heath Softball Award, Elizabeth Moulton Ritchey Senior Athletic Award, Tomo Nakanishi Award for Diligence to Sport, William Warren Barbour & Elysabeth Barbour Higgins History Prize.
Nina Kelly (Westover School, Bucknell University)
Krista Lancione (Hackley School, Franklin & Marshall College)
Cristina Ortiz (Millennium Art Academy, Wesleyan University) – Valedictorian
Seetreeon Torres (Trinity Pawling School, St. Lawrence University)
Josue Triburcio (Dewitt Clinton High School, Borough of Manhattan Community College)