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Canada Tour

Once again it was time for the Spring Break CitySquash Tour. Last year we went on a tour round the Western side of Lake Ontario. This year was the Eastern shore of the Lake.
Five juniors, Stacy Maceda, Alexandra Limas, , Bryson Grant, William Pantle and Cristian Escalona, went with BP to Ottawa, where BP had coached and made many friends in the 70s.
A long journey, on the Saturday, but we arrived into Ottawa where we were hosted by Penny Glover. A brave lady to look after all of us!
Sunday we toured Ottawa and visited the Canadian Houses of Parliament. A terrific tour through the corridors of power and a wonderful building, very old and full of history. On to the Ottawa Athletic Club, where Johnny Wilson, who used to coach at the Merion Cricket Club in Phila, had organized a match with his juniors. The all played well and won most of their matches. Food next!
Monday saw us training back at the OAC and then swimming. The different styles of swimming was interesting, but BP at least didn’t have to save anyone. A visit to the old market place was followed by a match against the RA, where Jeff Watts – Mr. Karakal – had got his juniors out. Again we all played well and won this match too. Some of the adults at the Club played against us too and Warren was impressed by the talent on show from the Bronx.
Tuesday we were on the road to Montreal, to the Atwater Club, a very prestigious Club in Montreal. Glen Wilson is the coach there and his team had some tough players. We ended losing this match, but playing some great squash. Here the Bronx Squash Bombers were hosted by families and BP was given a hotel room in walking distance of the Club. A nice respite from the kids !!
Wednesday we all met at the Atwater Club, played some squash, met Joelle King World #23 from New Zealand. Then we headed off to the Montreal Science Museum. What a terrific place, William and Alexandra rode the high wire – Oh and no insurance either !!! Everyone did the experiment where you moved the small ball along a tunnel using mind control. I think that Alexandra, once she got the hang of this was the best. Sorry boys !! Back to Ottawa.
Thursday – April Fools day!!! And boy did BP fall for two April Fools tricks!! You have to ask the kids about these! A visit to the Peace Tower which is part of the Parliament buildings. What a view from the top. We were up by the clock face and had a 360 view of Ottawa. On our way out we all signed the book of condolences for the last Canadian who fought in the 1st World War. A little piece of info – the flag on the Peace Tower is changed every day and given to various associations. Opposite the Parliament buildings is the statue of Terry Fox a photo op and a reminder of just who we run for. Then over the bridge to Gattineau, to the Sportique Club, and another match against local juniors. This Club is owned by Larry Greene whom BP had not seen for, well a long time. This match was organized by Steve Wren and there were more girls this time, but some tough matches. Probably came out of this match with a tie and some terrific squash.
Finally Friday and we said our goodbyes. I think that Penny had enjoyed our stay she certainly said that we could go and stay again! Which we may do. The long haul back to NYC, mostly all the kids slept while BP drank coffee and kept his eyes on the road. Another wonderful Spring Break Tour, which should be remembered for a long time.