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CitySquasher takes on Nick Matthew at the Tournament Of Champions

Jesse on court with Nick Matthew


During this year’s Tournament of Champions, CitySquash team member, Jesse Brew, got on court with three-time world champion, Nick Matthew. Jesse
wrote the following reflection on his unforgettable experience:


“On a wintery Tuesday afternoon, I had a chance to meet and play against the world’s best squash players. There it was: Grand Central’s hottest attraction, the Tournament of Champion’s glass court. Although I had never been there it felt really welcoming. I met lots of interesting players and people. One of the most interesting players who I met was Cameron Pilley. Cameron is number 13 in the world and from Yamba, Australia. I had never met anyone from Australia before. Cameron was good, but my next opponent was even better. My opponent was Nick Matthew – an England native, three-time world champion and current number three in the world.


I played a whole game with him, and even got a few tips! Nick taught me to fake a shot to throw off my opponent. Also, Nick Matthew is extremely fit so he can tire people out, which is another strategy I learned from him. He is definitely the hardest challenger I have met on court yet.


This opportunity was very special because it was my first time playing with a professional squash player. Thank you to the Tournament of Champions and CitySquash for giving me this amazing opportunity. It was something I have dreamed about and one that I will always remember! Thank you for everything, TOC and CitySquash, I really appreciate it!”