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US Bronze Nationals

CitySquash took 3 girls, Kateria Sanchez, Krista Lancione and Mariela Mendoza, and 10 boys, Seetreon Torres, Angel Maldonado, Michael Kelly, William Pantle, Markel Nunez, Bryson Grant, Billy Fleurima, Jeremy Carrasquillo, Robert Williams and Noel Ortega a total of 13 kids. Coaches were Esteban and Bryan.

Play started on Friday early so we left the Bronx at 7am! Arriving in plenty of time for our matches.

The girls were hosted by David and Pam Reiss – Thank you so much they loved your hospitality, food and beds! Although Kateria found the stairs pretty steep! Meanwhile the boys, plus coaches, were once again on a class room floor at the local Elementary school – many thanks to Julie Greenwood, Squash Haven for setting this up, we are really getting used to this floor!

The Bronze Nationals is always an exciting tourney with all the players out to prove that they should really be ranked higher.

All the CitySquash players performed well, and there were some really stand out matches, particularly the match between William Pantle and Jeremy Carrasquillo in the BU13s ¼ finals of the Consolation. The squash was of the highest level, with terrific length, great volleys and some well played tactical drops. Jeremy just pipped it 3-2, but all the games were very close. Jeremy went on to win the Consolation BU13. Meanwhile Markel was winning his way through this event too, unseeded he placed 6th in the tournament getting to the Classic Consolation final, a terrific performance.

Seetreon Torres literally flew through the BU19 event, his diving saved many points and prolonged rallies that he tended to win. Seetreon placed 3rd in the BU19 and amazing feat as he was not seeded to get that far. Seetreon is a great role model for all our kids, he plays fair, calls all his double bounces, congratulates his opponents, and his smile is infectious. What a credit to CitySquash.

Two of the girls were also doing just as well as the boys, with Krista winning her way to the Plate final, where she put up a great performance, but just lost. Kateria, who was playing up a division in the GU19s, was producing some wonderful squash to place 3rd., and she can play for the next few years too!

Finally Robert Williams who has played the Gold, Silver and now the Bronze National Closed Championships. Yes he won the Plate Final, playing some terrific squash, and using his drop shot to great advantage – Robert was last seen holding his trophy up high and making his way to the van. Dedicated practice will pay off as Robert found out.

All the other players performed well and had some very close matches, but a terrific week-end for all concerned.

Well done CitySquash – NOW for the Urban Individuals in June at Williams College.